How To Do A Water Diet

Most people struggling with weight issues normally result to a water diet. In the beginning, this sounds like a brilliant idea. However, sometimes this turns out to be unsafe and does more harm that good. So there is a lot you need to know before getting started.

Settling for a water diet shouldn’t be an alternative to other weight loss solutions. But this type of diet is efficient as it helps speed up your metabolism and cleanses the body so that you can burn fat faster. Here is how to do a water diet safely.

Analyze The Water Diet

Before you settle for this type of diet, it is important to understand that there are many variations of the diet. They range from all-out fasting to just taking cold water on a daily basis. There is a water diet that will require you to take two glasses of water before each meal.

Decide What Kind Of Water To Take

Most people opt for tap water but this is not the most recommended as some have chemicals. If you choose bottled water then pick one that has followed the regulations and is safe for human consumption. But if you have a filtration system at home then you can use it.

Drink half your body weight

Once you have established the type of water diet you want to follow, it is advisable that you take enough water. The amount of water you take is up to you but it is recommended to drink half your body weight in ounces. For instance, if you are 160 pounds, you should drink 80 ounces of water per day.

Following this diet is not easy and in most cases you will forget to take water. It is an inevitable occurrence. You don’t have to worry if you miss it once, you can always recover.

Get A Water Bottle

It is important to have water at your fingertips if you want the water diet to be effective. You don’t have to purchase a water bottle, you can use a used bottle. Having a water bottle will help you keep up with the number of ounces you must take each day. When eating out, you can also take out your water and sip at least two times before the meal is brought to you.

Add Some Light Exercise To The Diet

Most people who focus on the water diet tend to forget other weight loss solutions. If you are doing this diet to lose weight, it is important to add some light exercises to it. This helps burn calories faster. So if you already have a workout routine, you should not replace it with a water diet. If you don’t have one, you can start off with a walk and then move to more strenuous exercises.

But it is recommended to exercise if you are eating. You should not exercise if you are doing a water fast diet as this will completely deplete your metabolism and make you vulnerable to the effects of low blood sugar.

Reduce Caloric Intake

The main reason why you are following a water diet isn’t to count calories but to switch your body to a weight loss mode. So you need to watch the amount of calories you take. The main aim of doing a water diet is to pull energy from the fat store.

To make the water diet effective, record every bite you take. You will be surprised at the amount of calories you take in a day. But this should motivate you to eat less and drink more water to substitute the calories.

You need to understand that water diet is effective because it pushes the body to take nutrients from your muscles rather than fat. This will deplete your metabolism and force you to maintain an extremely low calorie diet.

With that said, you now know how to go about your water diet. Water fast diet is mostly dismissed because it makes you weak and you cannot do some basic tasks that require energy. However, you can still make this diet work for you if follow the above steps. A water diet doesn’t mean starving, it only means eating healthy and taking plenty of water to help your body work better.

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